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Personalized Health Care for Wisconsin.

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Working with Anovia Health for your Health Care Needs

Anovia Health welcomes win-win relationships with organizations, businesses, communities, and individuals who seek greater access to quality care by driving down costs and inefficiencies in its delivery.

We are looking for employers who are interested in actively creating a healthier and happier workforce through the delivery of quality healthcare in an environment based upon transparent and realistic fees.   In the end, Anovia Health wants to achieve the triple-aim:  drive down long-term health costs, create healthier people, and increase financial stability in the communities that we serve.

Self-Funded Payers

Healthcare is the number one employee benefit that drives loyalty and satisfaction—unfortunately, it is also increasingly unaffordable for the payor and a major cause of employee dissatisfaction. 

If you are a company or business that would like to explore self-funding or a hybrid approach to delivering employee healthcare—we can work directly with you, your health insurance broker, or consultant to explore options that work.  

Benefits Consultants

Anovia Health has partnerships with innovative benefits consultants throughout the state who have successfully brokered self-funded or hybrid healthcare plans.   With primary care being able to provide 70% or more of healthcare services, focusing on the foundational aspects of health can have tremendous short and long-term dividends.

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