Personalized Health Care for Wisconsin.

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Personalized Health Care for Wisconsin.

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Simple, Affordable and Effective Health Care for Wisconsin

Key Features:

Capitated fee starting at $39.75/month per enrollee

Long-term capitated fee is determined by actual utilization of the enrollee group. Additional fees include: special pricing rate for labs, imaging, and in-office procedures. For more information, please contact Ken Strmiska at

All employees and dependents covered

Anovia has a Corporate Healthcare Solution (50+ enrollees),  and a Small Business Solution (2-49 enrollees) and dependents (ages 2 and above.)

Easy Access to Unlimited Primary Care Services

Easy access to unlimited yearly primary
care services where over 70% of all lifetime
healthcare issues can be addressed.
Visits with our providers are typically
30 minutes.

Who We Are

Anovia Health is a Wisconsin-based company focused on providing the most effective, convenient, and cost-effective primary care healthcare for the patient, provider, and payor. Each of our clinics is led by a physician and consists of a supporting team of Nurse Practitioners Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses, and Medical Assistants.
We specialize in the diagnoses, treatment, and prevention of emergent, routine, and chronic healthcare issues.


By partnering with an independent, unaffiliated primary care provider, like Anovia, companies can also realize significant downstream savings. Our care team coaches patients on appropriate utilization of specialist and other care services, and when necessary refers them to other independent value-based providers outside of the costly PPO network.


Fewer ER Visits


Fewer days admitted to the hospital


Less referrals to specialists


Fewer radiology exams


Fewer surgeries