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Personalized Health Care for Wisconsin.

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Receiving and paying for healthcare has become overly complex. Anovia Health aims to make things simple and transparent.  If direct-pay, membership healthcare is new to you, we have provided answers to frequently asked questions.

When does Membership Make Sense?

Membership makes sense for those seeking a better way to pay for and receive primary care.  But, it may be particularly attractive to those with high-deductible health insurance plans or for those interested in paying cash for routine primary care services rather than using insurance.

What are the Benefits of Membership?

Members enjoy the best prices and easier access to care.

How do I pay for my Anovia Health Services?

There are multiple ways to pay:  (a) cash/credit card for each service, (b) become a member and pay based upon that rate, (c) be a part of an employer plan that covers the service, (d) commercial insurances that accept direct billing arrangements, and (e) traditional Medicare.  At this time we do not accept Medicare Advantage or Medicaid.  Please note that patients may submit their Anovia Health bill to their insurance provider to seek reimbursement.

Is Membership Insurance?

No.  Membership covers the services explicitly outlined in the membership matrix and contract.

Do I still need health insurance?

Yes. We recommend all patients purchase health insurance for unpredictable, catastrophic health situations and/or to cover services that Anovia Health does not provide such as surgery, hospitalization, and imaging services.

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