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Personalized Health Care for Wisconsin.

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Anovia Health is a Wisconsin-based independent and unaffiliated primary care healthcare provider. We are looking for enthusiastic primary care physicians (MDs & DOs) and APCs (PAs & NPs) who are passionate about the promise and potential of primary care and want to help us build innovative practices throughout the state.

We are passionate about re-establishing independent and affordable primary care for Wisconsin companies, individuals, and communities.We are looking for providers who are flexible, motivated, and have an unrelenting commitment to quality care and cost-effective treatment options. We practice physician-led team based care. Physicians will have the opportunity to be engaged in care and oversight of multiple clinics based upon location, patient population and physician’s compensation objectives and lifestyle concerns.

Opportunity to innovate and grow in leadership and compensation. If interested, please fill out the form below to indicate your interest to Ken Strmiska, VP & Chief Operating Officer.

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