Personalized Health Care for Wisconsin.

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Personalized Health Care for Wisconsin.

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Simple, Effective, Health Care.

To us, healthcare is a partnership — not a transaction.  As a patient, employer, or provider, we welcome you to become a part of the Anovia Health family. (Team Schierl Member)

Individual Health Care that Matters.

“Anovia Health is fantastic! Dr. Erdman is amazing to work with and is very down to earth. He reminds me of my childhood primary care doctor who was very old school. He talks to me like I’m a human and not just another patient. He is also great with kids! I would also like to say how amazing and friendly his nurse Nia is.”
(Team Schierl Member)

Feel like you're a priority, because you are.

“Dr Singh is one of the best general practitioners that I have had in my 45 years. She and her staff take the time to get to know you, listen to, and learn about you. She explains things in easy terms and makes you feel like you are a priority. Thank You Dr. Singh and your Staff!!”
(Anonymous Patient)

Anovia Health is based on a simple concept – that effective healthcare occurs when:

  • A strong working relationship is established between our primary care team and a patient;  
  • We proactively identify and engage those most at-risk for long-term health issues, that if not addressed, often become physically, psychologically, and financially debilitating;
  • Fees are transparent and established with the payer in mind, and;
  • All stakeholders (patients, providers and payers) value and take responsibility for the health and financial sustainability of the partnership.  

Anovia Health History

Anovia Health was launched in 2021. But long before its official incorporation, the foundational concepts of the organization were crystalizing, in the founders’ minds and conversations, over the past several years.  

Although the founders have taken different professional and personal paths to Anovia Health, all agree that the current American healthcare system is financially unsustainable and does not deliver high quality population health. 

Thus, not settling for the status quo, they decided to disrupt the current healthcare marketplace in Wisconsin by launching Anovia Health.  The journey begins!